OPRI Health FAQ’s


Many people who are considering chiropractic care have similar questions about our practice and how we restore function and alleviate pain through our services. Below is a list of FAQs and answers to questions you may have about chiropractic care. If you would like to schedule an appointment or still have questions, feel free to reach out to our office at (661) 324-4431 A member of our staff would be delighted to speak with you.

What is the purpose of Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is all about finding, identifying and correcting abnormal motion in the joints of the body. This is called a subluxation.

Why is motion so important?
When the joints of the body stop moving the way they are supposed to, our bodies go into a stress response reducing our ability to rest, digest and self-repair as effectively. This negatively affects normal brain and body communication, and as a result, function in the body is decreased.

Is there often pain related with abnormal joint motion?
Pain is a late stage identifier that our bodies are not moving the way they are supposed to. By the time we are in pain most of the problems have already been in existence for some time.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is the application of a force to a joint of the body that is displaying abnormal motion specifically applied to restore normal motion to that segment.

How is the chiropractic adjustment applied?
There are many ways to adjust the different regions of the body ranging from manual hand adjustments to instrument adjusting.

Do the types of adjustments vary (instrument, drop table, manual)?
All chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion to the body. The body responds differently to instrument and manual adjustments even though both restore normal motion to the body. If you don’t respond to one type of adjustment you will typically do better with a different type.

What can I expect after a chiropractic adjustment?
Occasionally people feel a little soreness following an adjustment, this is typically short lived and can be reduced through the application of ice. Most everyone has an increase in range of motion and a feeling of greater relaxation following an adjustment. For those with musculoskeletal pain most feel a reduction in these symptoms, for some it takes a day or two for this. The most important thing that happens is that your body increases its ability to self-heal.

How does chiropractic help increase my body’s ability to self-heal?
When the joints aren’t moving right the brain ramps up into fight or flight mode which reduces the self-healing capability of the human body. As we return the body to normal motion the body moves away from fight or flight and into rest, digest, and repair allowing the body to self-heal more effectively.

Does chiropractic work for problems other than musculoskeletal pain?
Some people do see a change in problems that are not related to pain through chiropractic adjustments. This is because we get the body to reduce its stress response allowing the body to work more effectively. This in turn reduces irritation to nerves which alter the brain-body communication which in those cases is causing the non-pain related problem.

Will chiropractic work for me?
Chiropractic works to increase the functionality of the body no matter who you are. Whether or not it is going to work for a specific condition you have requires a short course of care to determine your response to care. Some problems need medical intervention and we will refer if we encounter something that is not responding to chiropractic care.

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