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OPRI LIFE Optimized Clean Fiber


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OPRI LIFE’s Fiber Blend restores dietary fiber to the system, cleanses the bowels and intestines without calories, and helps to lower cholesterol levels. This specialized formula contains both soluble (Psyllium) and insoluble (Bran Powder) fiber, which work together to clean debris from the system by easing the passage of waste through the colon and absorbing toxins.

  • Maximizes efficiency without calories
  • Helps overcome constipation
  • Assists in Cleansing bowels and intestines
  • Stimulates natural action of intestines
  • Helps Protects intestinal canal from putrefactive and/or pathogenic bacteria.
  • Improves functions and helps Lower the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body
  • Helps with diabetes, Ischemic heart disease, gall bladder disorders, varicose veins, diverticulitis, and appendicitis

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